Scrum Master Checklist

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An adequate ScrumMaster can handle two or three teams at a time. If you’re content to limit your role to organizing meetings, enforcing timeboxes, and responding to the impediments people explicitly report, you can get by with part time attention to this role. The team will probably still exceed the baseline, pre-Scrum expectation at your organization, and probably nothing catastrophic will happen.

But if you can envision a team that has a great time accomplishing things no one previously thought possible, within a transformed organization, consider being a great ScrumMaster.

A great ScrumMaster can handle one team at a time.

I bet you’re thinking “There’s not enough work for a Scrum Master to be full time!”

I’d also bet you’re wrong.

Use the Scrum Master Checklist to evaluate yourself as a Scrum Master, or give it to your team to have them evaluate you. If you’re able to adequately cover all the items listed in a given sprint, please let me know. You’ll be the first I’ve ever met, and I’ll buy you a drink 😉


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