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Agile inspires us to respond to change — which is good since adopting Agile methods often represents seismic changes for organizations and individuals.

If you’re just getting started with Scrum, or if you’ve gotten in deep enough to feel the weight of iterative adaptation, in-person coaching or consulting may be wise.

Adam Weisbart and his team are available to assist with getting started with Agile and Scrum, kicking off new projects, team refocusing, and managing transitions between personnel, projects, and business areas.

In-person coaching and consulting can help with:

  • Focusing and revitalizing meetings
  • Team unity
  • Release planning
  • Organization-wide structuring, coordination, and communication
  • Transition management
  • Change and other inevitable Agile eventualities

We’re happy to discuss your specific needs and develop an in-person, on-site coaching or consulting plan to assist.

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Connect with the Scrum or Agile training, coaching, or consulting program that’s right for you and your company. Whether you’re looking for an introduction to Scrum or personalized mentoring, Adam and his team are never far from a smartphone. Reach out and we’ll respond.