Team Kickoff Coaching

If I asked you to launch a kayak, you could probably do it — even if you’d never before so much as seen one.

On the other hand, if I asked you to kayak up the Inside Passage to Alaska, you’d probably want more preparation than a couple of books could provide. You’d want hands-on coaching. You’d need to train. You’d wish someone was there to point you in the right direction and not, say, out into the untamed sea.

In this analogy, Scrum is the kayak. Using Scrum in sprint after sprint after sprint? That’s the long journey you aim to enjoy with proper preparation.

Adam’s team kickoff coaching helps ensure that when it comes to Scrum, you’re properly informed and supplied and that when you kickoff, you’re headed in the direction of progress and growth.

What’s Entailed in Team Kickoff Coaching?

Starting a new scrum team, or rebooting an existing one, can be daunting. There are so many things to decide. And poor decisions made upfront can lead to months of frustration or even failure.

When we facilitate a kickoff, we come to you, fully prepared to help you implement Scrum. Big questions we’ll help you answer include:

  • How long should your sprints be?
  • When should springs start and end?
  • When is something ‘done’
  • Add more?

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