I took Adam's Scrum Master training class and felt it was thoroughly worth two days of missed work. His delivery during our Scrum Master training class was engaging, entertaining, and informative. There really isn't much I'd change about the class, in fact I'd give him 10 out of 10 stars. Whether you're just interested in learning more about the Scrum framework or already knowledgeable and just looking for certification I'd strongly recommend the class.

Mike Van Allen CTO at BTIG, LLC

Getting the training with Adam in the same room with a number of my colleagues together was the best work thing to happen to my life in many months, maybe even years. In short, I finding working on my team much more rewarding under the new regimen that is at least in the ballpark of “good scrum practice."

Bill Rassieur Principal Software Engineer, CA Technologies

2 months after attending the Certified Scrum Master course taught by Adam, I am seeing significant improvement in my scrum teams. His class was energetic and very well put together. The concepts were delivered in a way that anyone with experience in a scrum environment would gain a fuller understanding and would benefit from his instruction. I would highly recommend Adam's class to anyone working in an Agile team.

Aaron Watmough QA Manager at PNI Digital Media Ltd

While Collective Health had been using “scrum” for over 2 years, as the company scaled it was clear we were not being as successful as we needed to be with our processes. Adam came in and provided custom training for over 50 people representing a cross-section of engineer, product and design as well as followup help that not only got great feedback from the people who did the training but has already increased team velocity, reduced stress and brought alignment across the teams. Adam’s combination of information and hands on exercises not only got the teams aligned but also gave them the tools to continue to identify issues and improve.

Preston Tollinger Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Collective Health

Adam is such a bright light in the agile world and he’s a masterful teacher. He knows how to make his audience laugh while making his teaching points both concise and precise. Tons of fun!"

Pecanne Eby MBA Marketing Expert, Brand & Content Marketing Consultant

I can’t reiterate enough how much of an impact you have made on our organization through your keynote, workshop, and interactions with our people in the very short time you were here, and our team is excited to ride the wave of enthusiasm and interest you have injected in our culture as we ready ourselves to expand the agile mindset across deeper corners of the enterprise.

Gabe Abella Enterprise Organizational Coach, Global Technology, at JPMorgan Chase

Adam is not just a coach -- he is a master. In fact, I suspect Adam is part Yoda, part Phil Jackson, and part Talleyrand, blending zen-like mastery, outstanding coaching, and great diplomacy to deliver pretty much exactly what we were looking for."

Jeff Spitulnik VP of Product Management, User Experience, and Data Sciences at Lithium

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