Scrum Kickoff Planner

The Scrum Kickoff Planner

There are tens of little (and BIG) things a people can benefit from discussing when forming or rebooting a Scrum team. In fact, it can be difficult to recall them all when the time comes. This planner will help.

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Bad Scrum Master Video

“Sh*t Bad Scrum Masters Say”

Here are some of the worst things a Scrum Master can say or do, compressed into three painfully funny minutes!

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Retrospective Cookies

Retrospective Cookies

A great retrospective has two things: questions that invite people to think deeply, and snacks. I think I’ve put the snacks and questions together in the perfect package…

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Build Your Own Scrum

Build your own Scrum

Grab a copy of my Build your own Scrum exercise for the next Scrum course you teach. It’s a collaborative approach to teaching the fundamentals of Scrum, where your students do most of the work for you.

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Adam’s Upcoming Classes & Events

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Update The Card Wall

Update The Card Wall – The App

Having a hard time remembering to update your card wall? Don’t feel bad. It happens to thousands of Agilists a day.

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Agile Posters

Agile Manifesto Poster

After looking far and wide for posters of the Agile Manifesto and Agile Principles to hang in my office, I was quite frustrated to find there where none I liked. Problem solved.

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The Buzz

“Adam consolidated the core principles of Scrum into a logical progression – each exercise built upon the prior exercise. He made the class interactive, fun, and relevant.”

“I found Adam’s class to be a top notch program and highly encourage others to sign up. His training style was awesome and well executed. Best presentation I have experienced to date.”

“Adam’s class was very informative & fun. It is great for someone with prior experience with Agile / Scrum because there are a lot of opportunities to find answers to tough questions and share experiences.”