Scrum Kickoff Planner

The Scrum Kickoff Planner

There are tens of little (and BIG) things a people can benefit from discussing when forming or rebooting a Scrum team. In fact, it can be difficult to recall them all when the time comes. This planner will help.

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Bad Scrum Master Video

“Sh*t Bad Scrum Masters Say”

Here are some of the worst things a Scrum Master can say or do, compressed into three painfully funny minutes!

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Retrospective Cookies

Retrospective Cookies

A great retrospective has two things: questions that invite people to think deeply, and snacks. I think I’ve put the snacks and questions together in the perfect package…

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Build Your Own Scrum

Build your own Scrum

Grab a copy of my Build your own Scrum exercise for the next Scrum course you teach. It’s a collaborative approach to teaching the fundamentals of Scrum, where your students do most of the work for you.

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Adam’s Upcoming Classes & Events

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Update The Card Wall

Update The Card Wall – The App

Having a hard time remembering to update your card wall? Don’t feel bad. It happens to thousands of Agilists a day.

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Agile Posters

Agile Manifesto Poster

After looking far and wide for posters of the Agile Manifesto and Agile Principles to hang in my office, I was quite frustrated to find there where none I liked. Problem solved.

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The Buzz


“Adam consolidated the core principles of Scrum into a logical progression – each exercise built upon the prior exercise. He made the class interactive, fun, and relevant.”


“Adam knows his subject, both from professional experience and from teaching. He has samples and examples of what works and why. I’m very pleased that I got this training from Adam, and that I can count on his advice and expertise in days to come.”


“I found Adam’s class to be a top notch program and highly encourage others to sign up. His training style was awesome and well executed. Best presentation I have experienced to date.”