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Adam Weisbart is available to speak at your conference or event.

Adam regularly travels to speak, present keynotes, and to lead breakout sessions and interactive programming at both public and private gatherings. He is a regular speaker at Global Scrum Gatherings and Agile Alliance conferences. He has delivered keynotes for companies such as JP Morgan Chase and facilitated workshop sessions for groups of over 300 at events such as Agile 2016.

He’s also a lot of fun.

Adam works hard to get his audience actively engaged through comedy, innovative ideas, and a strict rule that forbids anything resembling a PowerPoint slide. He doesn’t give lectures; he shares from his experiences and insight.

Whether you’re looking to have Adam tailor a keynote around your specific event theme or want him to pull from his existing bag of tricks, that’s a conversation we’re happy to engage in. We invite you to get in touch.


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