Show and Tell


up to 5 Min

per team

At this point, I ask for a volunteer team to come up to the front of the room to explain their diagrams to the others. I make sure the entire team comes up front, even if only one of them is presenting. We tape their diagram to the wall, and I ask the other teams to stand up and form a semicircle around the diagram. I then give the team 5 minutes to describe their diagram. During this time, I take notes so that I can ask clarifying questions about what they described. After they are done describing the diagram, I ask the class if anyone has any questions for the team. When their questions have been answered, I look at my notes and ask them to clarify items. It’s best if you can get their teammates, or the rest of the class to correct or clarify any of their answers. If you can’t do that naturally, feel free to jump in and clarify the item yourself. This part of the module takes a soft touch—you don’t want to shut team members down as they’re going out on a limb by giving their presentations.

Rinse and repeat with each team.

This Facilitation Guide is also available as a FREE download in PDF format.


Don’t feel comfortable facilitating this workshop for your team? Adam and his team are standing by to run this course for you in person.

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