Room Setup

Myth or Fact Stations:

Using 2 sheets of flip-chart paper, construct the 4 “Myth or Fact” learning stations students will use to learn about the Scrum Meetings.

Each Station Should Have:

  • The heading of the particular meeting (see PDF)
  • Who/When/Why labels for groups to fill in
  • The 10 Myth or Fact Quiz cards for that meeting (see PDF)
  • A flip-chart pen
Make 'Myth or Fact' quiz cards

Above: Make four “Myth or Fact” Stations using two sheets of flip-chart paper. Place the quiz cards and a pen below the station on a ledge or table.

Product Owner / Scrum Master Stations:

Each Station Should Have:

  • the heading of the particular role (see PDF)
  • A flip—chart pen
Make 'Myth or Fact' quiz cards

Above: Make two Roles Stations using flip—chart easels and the BYOS headers. Each station should have a flip-chart pen

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