Silent writing [5 minutes]

Ask the class to write down all the important things they can think of for each of the 3 roles. Give them a couple examples like “The team should be 7 +/- 2 people”, or “The Scrum Master is a servant leader”. Make sure they understand they’re only to write one item per post-it, and that they should think of as many things as they can for each role.

Affinity grouping for the Scrum Master Post-its, and Discussion

Explain what affinity grouping is. Ask them to all come up to the whiteboard and work together to group their post-its forthe Scrum Master. Once this is done, help them identify groups by circling them, and then ask for a label for each. You’ll end up with labels for groupings like “Facilitator”, and “Impediment Remover”. Ask for clarification on any groups that are not clear, or that you know are wrong like “Project Manager”. When possible, have others in the class explain why the SM is not a PM. If not possible, do it yourself.

“7 Things”

Two teams do their own affinity grouping, one for each of the two remaining roles, with the aim of coming up with 7 important things about each role.

“7 Things” Findings

he two teams present their findings to each other. Again, be ready to clarify any misunderstandings they may have, and use any mini-lectures that may be applicable if needed.

Below you’ll find some of the mini-lectures I give on important items from each role. Feel free to use mine, or come up with your own.

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