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Introducing the Agile Answers Podcast! Every week I’ll answer a question submitted by a listener, and will give you no-nonsense real-world tips, tricks, and techniques to help you improve your agile kung-fu. At around 10 minutes per episode, you’ll get tons of value with no sleep inducing droning!

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Past Episodes

Episode 24:

What should we do instead of painful “Annual Planning”?

Episode 23:

Agile Virtual Summit Preview: Lyssa Adkins

Episode 22:

How do we make sure we have cross-functional teams and why does it matter?

Episode 21:

What agile practices can you recommend to our game development studio?

Episode 20:

How do we remove silos when doing government contract work using Scrum?

Episode 19:

How should we form new Scrum teams?

Episode 18:

How can we have good retrospectives (about our Scrum Master)?

Episode 17:

When’s the podcast coming back?

Episode 16:

How do we self-organize if our boss is on our team?

Episode 15:

How do we deal with constant interruptions to our Sprint?

Episode 14:

Can a User Story be too long? Ours seem insane!

Episode 13:

Can our Scrum Master and Product Owner be the same person?

Episode 12:

What 1 simple thing can I do to improve my coaching & scrum mastering?

Episode 11:

How do I get hired as a ScrumMaster if I’ve never been one before?

Episode 10:

Our team wants to be more agile. What agile process is best?

Episode 9:

How do we improve our giant, multi-team Sprint Review session (or Sprint Reviews in general)?

Episode 8:

What are some creative & effective ways to make Retrospectives more engaging?

Episode 7:

Will this hurt my Daily Scrum? And how do we deal with “non-dev” work?

Episode 6:

How do I escaped the dreaded ‘Scrummerfall’ trap?

Episode 5:

How do you help PMs and Managers not fall back into their waterfall ways?

Episode 4:

Our teams keep changing. How do I set guidelines that keep teams together?

Episode 3:

How do you make sure your team has time to make the improvements they identify in their Retros?

Episode 2:

When should the business stakeholders get help from the dev team to get items ready for work?

Episode 1:

How do I energize a demotivated Scrum team?