Retrospective Cookies

The most rewarding retrospectives include two essential elements: questions that spark introspective brilliance and 2) sugar.

From there, it was an infinitesimal step to the creation of my first batch of retrospective fortune cookies.

Each retrospective cookie comes with a delicious Agile-centric question wrapped in a delicious cookie. Did I mention that there are cookies?

There are cookies.

During your next retrospective, have each team member select a cookie (there are 10 in each box), open it, eat it (the cookie), and answer it (the question). We suggest giving your team five minutes of silent writing time to answer the questions and savor their cookie. Then have them share their answers, one by one, and follow-up with questions and comments as appropriate.



Using Retrospective Cookies

Sweetening up a retrospective with a box of retrospective cookies is simple:

  1. Order a box of retrospective cookies.
  2. After they arrive, have your team open the box during a retrospective.
  3. Let each team member take a cookie.
  4. Have each team member open their cookie, one at a time, and read the question within. You can either have them answer the question immediately or, if the team would prefer, give them five minutes of silent writing time to gather their thoughts before answering.
  5. Draw out details of each team member’s answer by following up with probing questions or by asking other team members to add their thoughts as appropriate.
  6. Wash. Rinse. Repeat until all participants have taken part.

If you would like instructions on how to eat the cookies, that is best done via demonstration. I am happy to oblige should you provide the cookies.


What people are saying about Retrospective Cookies

  • Just used my first shipment of cookies (in the UK), and facilitated a really good retrospective! Not knowing the questions in advance prompted really sponatenous, honest answers. Retrospectives can easily get stale so this was an amusing and productive way to freshen them up!

    Jo Root,
    Project Manager & Scrum Master

  • My team is retrospecting with the cookies right now. We’re getting a lot of new ideas from these new prompts. What fun, and they taste good, too!

    Richard Kasperowski,
    Agile trainer and coach


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