Virtuous Metrics - Beaverton OR

AgileCamp 2017 Northwest

The Agile Manifesto tells us “Working software is the primary measure of progress”, but when pressed by management to report on our progress we often fall back on non-agile metrics and measures that hurt our team and organization.

As Deming pointed out “the most important figures that one needs for management are unknown or unknowable, but successful management must nevertheless take account of them.”

Most metrics can be gamed, focus on the wrong things, or are downright harmful. There are however Virtuous Metrics that enforce behaviors that are helpful to agility, provided they're focused on by the right people.

During this session, we’ll learn about Virtuous Metrics that will help your team self-organize and your organization become more agile through a game that simulates teams going through a sprint while being tracked by different metrics. You’ll leave this session with a framework for employing Virtuous Metrics in your organization for continuous improvement.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn why most metrics are useless or damaging to an Agile team
  • Discover what metrics help teams and organizations improve
  • Find out how to get management interested and involved in helping teams remove impediments
  • Learn an approach to gaining stakeholder alignment so your organization can move in the right direction


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