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Why Choose Adam?

Adam Weisbart’s humorously irreverent approach is effective. His approachable style breaks students out of calcified work habits and helps them to discover a more direct route towards personal and organizational change. Agile is serious work, but that doesn’t mean we can’t — or shouldn’t — enjoy ourselves.

We believe that Agile training you enjoy is Agile training you’ll remember and put into practice.

Adam is one of only a handful of Scrum Alliance accredited Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs) in the world. He teaches courses internationally, regularly presents at conferences, and mentors a growing family of high performing, self-organizing teams. His popular podcast and his original suite of Agile tools help companies, teams, and individuals to embrace change and excel.


What people say about Adam

  • Adam is not just a coach — he is a master. In fact, I suspect Adam is part Yoda, part Phil Jackson, and part Talleyrand, blending zen-like mastery, outstanding coaching, and great diplomacy to deliver pretty much exactly what we were looking for.”

    Jeff Spitulnik,
    VP of Product Management, User Experience, and Data Sciences at Lithium

  • I can’t reiterate enough how much of an impact you have made on our organization through your keynote, workshop, and interactions with our people in the very short time you were here, and our team is excited to ride the wave of enthusiasm and interest you have injected in our culture as we ready ourselves to expand the agile mindset across deeper corners of the enterprise.

    Gabe Abella,
    Enterprise Organizational Coach, Global Technology, at JPMorgan Chase

  • Adam is such a bright light in the agile world and he’s a masterful teacher. He knows how to make his audience laugh while making his teaching points both concise and precise. Tons of fun!”

    Pecanne Eby,
    MBA Marketing Expert, Brand & Content Marketing Consultant

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