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Update The Card Wall – The App

Every new Scrum team I’ve worked with has had the same problem: Remembering to update their task board. Back in my command-and-control days, I’d pester my team to update the wall. Since I’ve sworn off my old ways, I no nag pester (thank goodness).

So, what’s a team to do?

That’s a good question. In fact, it’s one that team recently asked me…

“We’re having a really hard time remembering to update our card wall.”

“Oh? Why is that?” I asked.

“We’re not sure. It’s just hard.”

“Hard? Like taking care of your kids or paying the mortgage? That kind of hard?”

“No. We remember to do all that. It’s just easy to forget.”

“Ah. What could you do to fix that?”

“We could ask you to remind us?”

“Heh. Yeah, you could. But I won’t, because then I’d be like a manager. And I’m not.”

They thought of setting up a reminder on their calendars, but were concerned that they’d get used to it going off at the exact same time every day and just ignore it.

“Good point!” I thought to myself, “I know just the way to fix that”. That day, I came up with the design for a little app that did one thing: Nagged you like your mom (or manager) to update your card wall. You just plug in your email address, and a time window during which you’d like to be reminded, and the site automatically reminds you (on week days) to update your task board. To ensure you don’t get used to the reminder and just ignore the message, it reminds you at a random time during the window you selected.

My team ended up remembering to update their card wall on their own without this service. Perhaps yours will too. But if you’d like to point them to a tool that takes you out of the nagging equation and gives them the power to self direct, send them to As a bonus, they’ll get an agile tidbit (a link to a book, blog, or some such) with every reminder, and one lucky user a month will win a prize. Yup. A prize!

Individuals and Interactions always… but when your team requests a process or tool, you can now point them to

Go forth and update thy card walls!

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  1. Michael Tardiff May 30, 2013 at 12:39 pm #

    Adam —

    Brilliant, and funny. Oh, and useful! You hit the trifecta.

    + Michael

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