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6: How do I escaped the dreaded ‘Scrummerfall’ trap?

Duncan’s team has switched from waterfall to an iterative approach. Their iterations are 2 weeks in length, but it seems the team is just doing mini-waterfalls in the two-week timebox. I’ll share the 3 simple steps teams can take to extract themselves from this common agile antipattern. Like the podcast? I’d love it if you’d take 60 seconds to rate […]

5: How do you help PMs and Managers not fall back into their waterfall ways?

Switching from waterfall to an agile approach can be difficult. Managers, PMs, and others often cling to their old command-and-control ways in order to feel comfortable and, well, “in control”. Raj asks how he can help his organization move forward and improve their agile implementation despite this. Dave Prior, CST, PMP, and AAGG (All Around […]

4: Our teams keep changing. How do I set guidelines that keep teams together?

Constantly moving people from team to team hurts the teams in question, the individuals being moved around, and the organizations they serve. Amanda asks what guidelines can be put in place to help protect against this. You’ll learn a handy game you can use during coaching conversations with management and teams that helps illustrate how […]

3: How do you make sure your team has time to make the improvements they identify in their Retros?

Does your team identify process improvements in your Retrospective then find it hard to make time during the next sprint to actually implement the improvements? You’re not alone. In this episode I’ll answer Cheryl’s question by suggesting 3 steps to help combat this issue. Like the podcast? I’d love it if you’d take 60 seconds to rate […]

2: When should the business stakeholders get help from the dev team to get items ready for work?

When’s the right time to get the development team and business stakeholders together to discuss requirements? Marcy is struggling with a few challenges around this topic, so my friend Luke Walter, CST stopped by and we tackled it together. We also ate tacos. Like the podcast? I’d love it if you’d take 60 seconds to rate it […]

1: How do I energize a demotivated Scrum team?

Angela recently joined an existing team as their new ScrumMaster. Unfortunately the team is a bit shell-shocked from their old ScrumMaster’s command-and-control ways. I’ll offer up several approaches to help her team get energized about Scrum again. Like the podcast? I’d love it if you’d take 60 seconds to rate it in iTunes. Mentioned in the show: Agile […]

0: Mic Check! 1…2…3…

Introducing the Agile Answers Podcast! Every week I’ll answer a question submitted by a listener, and will give you no-nonsense real-world tips, tricks, and techniques to help you improve your agile kung-fu. At around 10 minutes per episode, you’ll get tons of value with no sleep inducing droning! Subscribe now and get notified when the next episode […]